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Foscam FI8905W Outdoor Wireless/Wired IP Camera with 4mm Lens (50 Viewing Angle) 100ft Nightvision – Silver

Foscam FI8905W Outdoor Wireless/Wired IP Camera with 4mm Lens (50 Viewing Angle) 100ft Nightvision - Silver

  • Allows for remote viewing & recording over LAN or the internet through PC and mobile devices (including iPhone)
  • Simple to setup with a friendly graphical interface
  • High image & video quality (Display resolution: 640 x 480 Pixels (300k pixels)
  • Hardened weatherproof outdoor water-proof enclosure
  • Night vision (up to 98 feet) via auto 60 IR-LED illumination
  • Infrared Motion Detection (with email notification and image upload via FTP)
  • Multi-user access with password protection
  • Supports the IE browser, Firefox as well as most other standard browsers including the standard Safari browser on the iPhone
  • Wi-Fi compliant with wireless standards IEEE 802.11b/g. Wired connection is also included
  • Supports both WEP & WPA Encryption
  • Supports Dynamic IP Addresses such as through dyndns.org
  • Has multi-level user management system with password protection

The Foscam FI8905WS Wireless IP Camera features high quality video, waterproof and weather proof outdoor housing, remote internet viewing, motion detection, night-vision as well as a built in network video recording system. This camera has 60 IR LEDs providing night vision visibility up to 98 feet. In addition, it is smartphone compatible (iPhone, Android & Blackberry) as well as viewable over the internet using standard browsers. The camera functions well as part of a home or office security system with remote internet monitoring ability.

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Price: $ 115.27

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What customers say about Foscam FI8905W Outdoor Wireless/Wired IP Camera with 4mm Lens (50 Viewing Angle) 100ft Nightvision – Silver?

  1. 395 of 410 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    5 stars on everything but user friendliness, May 25, 2011
    Eric Ripley (USA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Foscam FI8905W Outdoor Wireless/Wired IP Camera with 4mm Lens (50 Viewing Angle) 100ft Nightvision – Silver (Electronics)
    First off. I purchased one of these cameras to make sure it meet my needs before getting another and then finally 4 more. I have a total of 6 cameras protecting my property and am using the blueiris software to record and manage the cameras. It is the best software but this review is not for the software ,which is excellent, but for the camera.

    Camera construction:
    Robust. Perfect for outdoors. In fact all my cameras are outdoors but under overhanging eves. The shell is waterproof and cord out of the camera is waterproof as well.

    Wiring the cameras:
    These are wireless cameras but i will inform you that you will have to run a wire of some sort as these cameras will need wired power. so i went ahead and wired the cameras via ethernet as well since i had to run power. one suggestion is you can use what i did and run cat6 for the ethernet and POWER. that is if you are technically inclined. I used 4 wires for the ethernet (orange, orange white, green, green white) and the blue and blue white for power and the brown and brown white for ground. I physically cut the power cord that comes with the cameras in half and soldered one end to the ethernet cable extra wires and the other end. the cameras are really low wattage so you can easily get away with this. I ran 40 feet of cable this way and the cameras work fine.

    Software on the cameras:
    If you get a real foscam then the software built in to the cameras is very good and will do everything you want to do except record video stream. The cameras will do time delay snapshots but for advanced features such as stream captures etc i recommend blue iris software. Make sure you get real foscams as there are unofficial clones with a different interface.

    The camera picture quality:
    Here is where the camera is both a blessing and a curse. Curse first. The cameras during the daytime show everything as washed out. Grass is white and not green. Trees are a purple hue. But you can see and makeout everything fine. At night everything is of course white as well but the camera has extremely good night vision. The infrared LEDS are so good that if you switch out lenses to a smaller focal you will get a “hot spot” or “ghost ring” of overbright led power. there is a solution for this, see the next section on lenses. Blessing, the camera does night vision perfect and daytime good. what other camera for 100$ has this cameras abilities and build quality? Can you get a better quality camera for daytime..YES. This washed out look is inherent to any IR cameras as the way the infrared filters work. So a camera that doesnt have night vision will look very good during the day but dont let that fool you that this is an inferior camera. Do robbers come during the day? Some do i guess.

    The 12mm lense is unusable for me. the quality of the lense is excellent but 12mm shows you a 10 foot by 10 foot area 100 feet down the block. Not good for home surveillance. But good for a radio tower or traffic camera.
    You can use CCTV lenses. they just unscrew. lenses are cheap on amazon or ebay. Figure out the focal length you need using online calculator. Im using 1 8mm lense 2 6mm lenses, and 3 2.8mm lenses.
    To avoid the ghosting from the overbright LEDs when using smaller lenses….use wax paper. yes the stuff you cook with. cut a ring out that fits over the leds and cut the center section out for the lense and install behind the glass. this filters the infrared, or blurs it if you will, and produces a good night vision without the hotspot.

    Networking setup:
    The camera is a nightmare. im a IT guy and hate to admit i had a bit of trouble with it. I have it using wired ethernet with wireless as a backup. Im using gmx for my email setup as that provider works with the foscam software for email. I have my cameras accessible over the internet. i suggest you get one camera, dont mount it and configure it in front of your computer and test to make sure its working on your network before mounting it. once you figure out how to network one of the cameras the others are a simple cut and paste and change a few settings such as IP address if you use a static like i did.

    Almost all the cameras shortcomings can be overcome. the cost of the camera is exceptional for what you get. the networking setup is where most people fail the camera or give it low reviews. its not really the fact that the camera is the problem. there is just alot of configuring to do…email alerts, ftp, web access, wired dhcp static or dynamic, wireless setup and security…etc.
    These cameras are alot of bang for the buck. Dont regret my purchases 1%.


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  2. The manufacturer commented on the review belowSee comments
    304 of 329 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    No auto gain or exposure, June 18, 2011
    Mokona ( –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Foscam FI8905W Outdoor Wireless/Wired IP Camera with 4mm Lens (50 Viewing Angle) 100ft Nightvision – Silver (Electronics)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 2:51 Mins

    (for this video review, the USB webcam is on the Left and the Foscam is on the right)

    I have had this camera for a few months now, early on, I noticed that there was no auto gain or exposure. (it somewhat has it but there is a but that keeps it from working, (if you change the modes, eg from outdoor mode to 50Hz mode then back to auto mode, the auto gain kicks in for about 5 seconds then stops working)

    I have contacted the company and they said they are working on a firmware update to fix this issue. then upon checking on forums, users basically said forget waiting on a firmware update as they have been saying that for over 3 years now and have never released an update for this issue.

    For a rundown on the issues of this camera:

    1, Lens is not IR corrected so you will get a black and white image outdoors when ever sunlight is present. (color is fine indoors)

    2, No autogain or exposure. This means when ever there is a slight change in the light levels outside, your camera image will either become completely white (overexposed) or black (underexposed), this means you have to constantly monitor it and manually adjust the exposure by switching modes (the software controls for brightness and contrast are post processing so they do not work when the image is over or under exposed)

    3, Email notifications use very old standards so most modern email services will not support it. (I had to create an email at gmx.com in order to get email notifications working)

    4, While the camera is advertised as 15FPS, even in a bright day, I have never gotten over 8FPS and at night, the framerate drops to 2-3 FPS (the firmware does not allow for adjusting the sensor sensitivity so the way it increases exposure is by lowering the shutter speed.

    5, The bolt around the antenna jack was not tightened properly, most users who reported failures, had them because water got into the bolt around the antenna jack when the camera was place outdoors. To fix this, you need to double check that all screws nuts and bolts are tight and if any are loose, then tighten them.

    6, While the camera advertises multiple users but it is software crippled to make this an avoidable experience for users. It seems that the company has plans or are already releasing a higher end line of camera that will have more or less the same hardware, so these cameras are software crippled. By this I mean, if more than 1 user connects to the camera, the framerate is reduced by about 75% regardless of if that user is actually requesting data (if you have any DOS tools that can create a pending connection then you connect to the video stream with it but not actually use any bandwidth, the famerate drops.

    7, The camera uses a CMOS sensor instead of a CCD, this causes a video problem known as rolling shutter. this means moving objects will appear stretched or slanted as the image is updated by rows instead of all at once like in a CCD

    If you have a computer near where you want to monitor, I recommend getting an old webcam and taping it to the window, you will get better picture quality and a higher FPS since even the cheapest webcams have auto gain and exposure which actually prioritize motion so the frame rate is not reduced until max sensor sensitivity is reached.

    8, The stock 12mm lens is crap, it is only useful for long range (well over 100 feet (beyond the range of the IR LED’s, I had to get a 4mm lens for mine It also did not have a IR cut filter as the ones with them cost 3 times as much, and I only had $4 left in my paypal.

    9, The camera has really bad dynamic range, meaning if you are monitoring a location where there if anything that can be considered a shadow, it shows up almost completely black, and if you aim the camera to the shadow then do the mode switch trick to get it exposed, then the non shadow areas are completely white. The camera lacks the ability to average the exposure to handle both the shadow and highlight.


    1, The camera allows for you to connect it over WiFi or Ethernet, so it can be mounted almost anywhere there’s a power outlet near by.

    2, It works great for bring mounted at a front door to monitor for package deliveries (this has fixed the problem I had where amazon would use USPS to deliver packages and USPS will just leave the package outside, and those people who walk around sticking those ads on your door will help them self to any packages laying by the door. (I lost a few books and electronics this way)

    Additional notes

    Cameras with IR light will not work behind a window if you plan to use the IR lights (the glass of the window will reflect the light back at the camera and you will get a completely white image).


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  3. stem
    The manufacturer commented on this review(What’s this?)
    Posted on

    Dec 18, 2013 3:49:23 PM PST


    Thank your for your detailed review and pointing out the auto-gain exposure issue. Please note that all Foscam cameras manufactured after January 2012 have the auto-gain and exposure issue resolved. In addition, we have changed the default lens from 12mm to 4mm as you have suggested (many customers recommended this). In addition, we have upgraded the mounting bracket and improved on several of the software and hardware issues you have outlined. If you have any questions please contact us at support@foscam.us or 1-800-930-0949 for an immediate response 24/7


  5. 62 of 63 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Foscam lottery- Auto IR-LED illumination Edition, November 12, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Foscam FI8905W Outdoor Wireless/Wired IP Camera with 4mm Lens (50 Viewing Angle) 100ft Nightvision – Silver (Electronics)
    I recently ordered two FI8905W cameras. I upgraded the firmware and I connected them to my wireless router. The installation process is pretty straight-forward and easy to follow. I played with them for about three weeks and I learned a lot of things. Here are the pros and cons:
    – You can’t beat the price. FI8905W is a surveillance camera with a lot features. It comes with an aluminum case and mount and it seems well built and durable. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I didn’t find any competing product around $100.
    – Video and pictures are okay. Compression is good, and it creates nice avi videos. This is not your fancy Sony camcorder, so don’t expect to get the Columbia TriStar Motion quality. However, it is a good image for a surveillance camera.
    – It comes with wireless N and the streaming looks good.
    – Night vision is okay.
    – Alarm on motion detector is okay. Sometimes I get an email, sometimes I don’t.
    – The camera URL has a serious security issue. Foscam uses consecutive numbers to generate the camera URLs. If you change one number in the URL you will reach other people cameras. They may be password protected but remember that the camera doesn’t use https to encrypt the passwords. That’s pretty serious. Foscam should generate random URLs for their cameras. Not consecutive. Moreover, they should switch to https.
    – Auto IR-LED illumination stopped working after one week. The night videos were dark and unusable. Foscam support says to point a flashlight to the camera and it will fix the problem. Well, that’s true; it may fix the problem until next evening. What if you are on vacation? What if you have 30 cameras? This is silly. I sent it back to Amazon. However, setting up and installing the camera is not a 10 minutes process. It takes time to do it right and it takes time to replace it. I don’t like to waste my time.
    – Foscam manipulates the reviews on Amazon. I found a lot of 5 stars reviews which look very suspicious. I think Amazon shouldn’t tolerate fake reviews. Unacceptable.
    – My first FI8905w came in a box which was relabeled. Twice. The box is from a FI8905w camera and the first label says FI8906w. The second label, placed on top of the first one, says FI8905w. The UPC code was relabeled four times. To make things worse, the FI8905W user interface omits on very important detail: camera model. I had no idea what camera I was using. I believe I got a refurbished camera.
    – Buying a Foscam camera is a lottery. If you are lucky, your camera may work without problems for a couple of years. This is Chinese company who wants to sell its products in the US using questionable business practices. I don’t trust them. If your camera stops working after 30 days you may be in a big trouble. It is better to go and buy it from WalMrt. Their return policies are much better than anything in the world.

    One year later and I’m happy with my camera. It is stable and up and running 24×7. However, I found one minor issue:

    The heat and light from the IR light attract spiders which found my camera cover to be hospitable and habitable. A spider web in front of the surveillance camera is invisible during the day but it will totally mess up the image during night time. Every time I tried to remove the spider web, the tiny guy took it personally and made another one within the next 24 hours. Tried everything: insect repellent, insecticide, water resistant silicone lubricant. Nothing worked. The only thing that seems to work is to push the camera top cover all the way to the back. This solved 90% of the problems.

    One more thing I would like to add. If you are not sure how serious the consecutive URLs issue is, please watch the following video.


    If you don’t know how communication ports, web servers and firewalls work, please do yourself a favor and hire an IT guy to secure your camera. This is serious device, not a toy. Until Foscam assigns random https URLs AND random admin passwords to their cameras, there is a pretty good chance for you to get hacked.

    10/01/2015 Just to confirm the lottery theory, almost two years after the installation, the Foscam camera died due to a hardware failure. Well, I’m not surprised…


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