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Motorola FOCUS66-2 B Wi-Fi HD Home Monitor Camera – 2 Pack (Black)

Motorola FOCUS66-2 B Wi-Fi HD Home Monitor Camera - 2 Pack (Black)

  • Remote HD quality video streaming (requires internet access via Wi-Fi)
  • Set up in seconds using the Free Hubble App
  • Motion triggered recording and image snapshots (requires compatible viewing device with storage capability)
  • Two-way communication with high sensitivity microphone
  • In room temperature display and infrared night vision

The Motorola FOCUS66 is a remote Wi-Fi camera that turns any compatible internet enabled device into a fully functional video monitor. Motion triggered recording offers a sense of security in your home. The infrared night vision and two-way communication allow you to monitor and communicate with your home night and day – from wherever you are. Ships with: Two Wi-Fi Cameras, User’s Guide, Quick Start Guide, Two Power Adapters.

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What customers say about Motorola FOCUS66-2 B Wi-Fi HD Home Monitor Camera – 2 Pack (Black)?

  1. 109 of 127 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good security monitor at a reasonable price point, August 13, 2014
    S.E. Poza (Yreka, CA) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    This camera is largely marketed as a way to monitor a room or area without having to access an external device or your computer. It’s primarily sold as a way to monitor through ones cell phone or mobile device. I tried it with an iPad as well as my PC, so my experiences are based on those two devices. I preferred the web interface on my PC, but that’s likely because it is faster and has a larger screen than an iPad.

    First of all, set-up is quite easy. The included User’s Guide is clear and easy to follow and the application that you download (you must first connect to the camera via a device – you cannot directly access it with a PC as it must be first paired with a mobile device – once it is paired, you can then access what it monitors on your computer via a web site). I give Motorola props for this. I tried another security camera before and it worked okay, but their interface was iconographic and hard to understand and they didn’t even include a user’s guide. Read the guide and follow the instructions (you don’t have to read it all) then follow the onscreen instructions and you’ll be up and running rather quickly.

    As other users have noted, the quality of video on this is quite low. It’s pixelated, has a low frame rate, and lags behind actual movement by about 3-4 seconds. While you can take pictures with it, it’s really designed as a monitoring device, not a camera (video or still). If you’re looking for something that will give you quality content, this is not it. It’s a little like the videos you sometimes see on T.V. of store robberies that are blurry (though this is in color, not black and white), though it is a bit better quality than those.

    Video (and sound) can be accessed in real time via your device or an online feed. At regular intervals, video is saved to a cloud server. The videos are saved for a certain period of time and can be reviewed, and are deleted after a certain period of time (I believe it’s 24 hours, but can’t find where I read this initially). You can download and save the videos. Though saving them on a cloud is worrying if you don’t want your personal data uploaded to a server outside of your home, it is part of what the camera is sold as – a device that allows you to monitor from anywhere. For example, if you’re shopping and want to look in on your child and a sitter, you can use your phone to see what they’re doing. You couldn’t do that if the video were saved on your home PC and only ran on your home network. You can manipulate the camera’s setting (e.g., brightness and picture quality) via the online interface. You are also supposed to be able to communicate through the camera, but I did not try this feature as I am not using it as a baby monitor or communication device.

    I think this works well for what it is – a monitor for security or for watching a space with children. For me, I think it works best as a security camera pointed at my front door when I’m away so that I can see if packages were delivered in my absence or if someone has removed a parcel from the front of my place. If you have concerns about package theft, this is a possible solution, though I’m not sure if the clarity of the video is sufficient to identify someone clearly if you aren’t already familiar with them. It would depend on the distance that the camera is placed from the door. Certainly, if it were mounted above the door and pointed down, it would like be good enough.

    The price point on this is lower than some other cameras so I think it’s reasonable value for the functionality. If you want high quality video or audio though, you might want to look elsewhere as this really is just a remote monitoring device which creates throwaway videos and enables you to track what is going on.


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  2. 10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    decent product, August 21, 2015

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    First of all, I depend on reviews when I buy things, so for those of you out there who like honest reviews from honest people here is a review from someone who is satisfied. I was discouraged when looking for an inexpensive camera to monitor my home for moderate security as all of the reviews for products seemed to be bad. In the end, I chose this one. It came in two days (thank you Prime) safely packaged. For the price, this is (so far) doing its job.
    Set up – the set up was easy. I am neither technologically skilled nor challenged. I was able to get the product installed (using home wifi) and an Ipad. It took me less than ten minutes to open the package and have the product operating. For those worried about connection/distance. I didn’t have to connect the camera to my router (which is located 25 feet and three rooms away) to install; it picked up the wifi signal and I followed the prompts. (the instructions are printed VERY small, but were legible and in intelligible English)

    Image quality: it isn’t HD but it is a clear picture. I have one installed indoors and one outdoors. The interior one has a clearer image, both during the day and the night. The exterior one covers most of my back yard clearly (50 feet) during the day. The infrared does a nice job at 15 feet creating a recognizable image. The video lags, and it is very sensitive, so I found myself getting many notifications of activity. I have remedied that by re-positioning the camera away from ambient distractions. One of the cameras is located relatively far from my router (it is outside, three floors removed and on the opposite wall of my house), and seems to stream just fine. I do have a strong internet service provider, so those with low bandwith might have a little more trouble.

    It took me a little while to figure out how to remove the many stored images (of cars driving by) that I didn’t want taking up space, but once I found the “delete all” it has been very easy to clean up.

    This will not be a great “hidden camera” because there is a blue light visible when camera is operating and the power cords make it obvious. (However, it is a cute little unit, and reminds me of “Number Five” from Short Circuit)

    Important to note: the cameras must be plugged into an outlet. The unit I received did NOT have battery capabilities. (Some of the other Motorola units advertised say lithium ion battery). This system does not, nor does it appear to take batteries.

    This was obviously meant to be a nursery monitor – it has an option to play lullabys. The microphone is passable. It certainly isn’t crystal clear, but it is recognizable sound.

    hope this helps. If it continues to function, I would say: I would recommend it and I would buy it again.


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  3. 45 of 55 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Small and easy to set up, August 13, 2014
    M. Kooiman (Richardson, TX USA) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    First – setup. This was pretty simple and straight forward. The camera comes with a quick start guide that basically tells you to plug it in and download the app to your phone or tablet. Once you’ve downloaded the app, and the camera has beeped twice, you change your wireless setting on your phone to the camera’s temporary wireless network, go into the app and the camera will pair with your phone. Select your home wifi and enter your password and it’s all set up and ready to go.

    My camera is sitting on a dark shelf of a book case in my living room. The room is generally dark but the camera is able to display the room in black and white images just fine. There’s not much definition to the people in the room but it’s dark. I have music playing in the adjacent room and I can hear it on my phone. Not bad. I scared my mother when she decided to take a nap and I had the camera play Brahms’ Lullaby.

    Update – Today I played with the camera some more to see what I could see and hear. I moved it to a well lit room and pointed it at bird cages that have lamps on either side of them.

    The picture I get from my camera looks NOTHING like they show on the product page. I have used it in very bright light and no light. In low light, you get a decent image. In lighting situations where the light is behind the camera or off to one side, you get a little color but very washed out. If there is light in the direct path of the camera, the image is blown out and you can’t really make out anything. My husband’s laptop was in the image for a short time and you could see a bright rectangle of light that pretty much distorted everything else. I have read the user guide and don’t see any tips regarding placement or ways to overcome the washed out and blown out issues.

    I also played with the two way talk feature. It reminded me of the days when you talked over a short wave radio and had to say “over”. I had a conversation with my husband and there was significant delay between when I’d say something and it would come through the camera and vice versa. I found the settings for temp to be in Fahrenheit and haven’t found the setting to turn off the sound in the playback. It plays sound, even if I have the sound turned off for the phone.


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