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Piper classic All-in-One Security System with Video Monitoring Camera, White

Piper classic All-in-One Security System with Video Monitoring Camera, White

  • WIFI SECURITY SYSTEM: Built-in 105 dB siren, motion, sound, and other environmental sensors that protect your home or office at all times.
  • HD SECURITY CAMERA: Watch live or recorded video in HD with a 180-degree field of view camera on your smartphone or tablet. You can even pan, tilt and zoom to explore your entire room and interact with your family or pets via two-way audio.
  • HOME AUTOMATION: Automate, schedule and remotely control lights and appliances directly from the Piper app with Z-Wave accessories such as plug-in modules, dimmers, and door/window sensors.
  • RECEIVE REAL-TIME ALERTS: Piper will notify you when events are detected through any combination of push messages, texts, emails, and phone calls.
  • NO MONTHLY FEES: There are no contracts or service fees. Store up to 1000 videos with Piper’s free cloud storage.

Piper is the first all-in-one home security and home automation device. It combines an HD camera, panoramic video, Z-Wave home automation, two-way audio and environmental sensors into a single, elegant product that you interact with on your Android/iOS device. For any further queries please contact iControl Networks Customer Support Number@ 1-888-612-7688​ – Monday to Friday 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

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What customers say about Piper classic All-in-One Security System with Video Monitoring Camera, White?

  1. 75 of 76 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    I like the four settings Off, September 20, 2014
    John K. Russell (so calif) –

    This is well designed unit and IOS App. I have high hopes for this unit. I installed my second one today. I like the four settings Off, Home, Away and Vacation that allow for different rules. I just wish you could disable the camera in home mode.

    There is room for improvement.

    I received a few alerts for loud sound, but when I investigated it was only a single engine airplane flying over. I now record video when there is a loud sound but i dont trigger an alert.

    The first couple days i got alerts for temp change but when i investigated the room was cooler then the upper threshold. I am guessing it was cold air from the air vent cooler then the lower temp setting. I adjusted the lower temp theshold and have not received any more alerts.

    The unit did correctly notify me to both power failure and a internet connection outages.

    I have not received any false alerts for motion but it does trigger an alert within 30 seconds when I intentionally trigger motion. I have it turn on lights when there is motion in away mode and that works great.

    I did notice that the unit switches to battery when the siren sounds and it is hard to turn the siren off once triggered.
    I recomend not triggering the siren until you test for a couple weeks to avoid false alerts.

    The IOS app is slow to load or reconnect. Setting bandwidth to max seemed to help, but I hope they keep working on the app performance.

    I have added both a zwave light switch and a door sensor. both work well but there is a lag turning a light on manually.

    I look forward to additional improvments and would recomend buying one.


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  2. 104 of 109 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great all-in-one solution! Works well with other z-wave components., September 28, 2014

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Just received the Piper HD Security Camera from Amazon several days ago. I spent a good deal of time researching different home security and home automation systems. My primary goal was to reduce or eliminate my reoccurring monthly costs with my current monitored security company and the potential inclusion of home automation was just a bonus. I investigated the Canary, Smartthings systems, Nest, and using some combination of Foscam or Dropcams. I also considered doing more of a grassroots solution with the AEON USB Z-Wave controller and additional z-wave accessories. Since iControl purchased Piper(BlackSumac) and Samsung purchased Smartthings, and Google purchased Nest and most recently Dropcam it is confusing and also obvious that there is a lot of turmoil in this market, but also a lot of great things to come. In any case, I finally decided on the Piper as I was impressed with the wide selection of included features for the price. I was not able to find another solution currently available in this price segment that included a 180-degree camera with sensors for temperature, humidity, motion and noise plus free cloud storage and no need to monkey around with your router settings. I have worked in IT for over 20 years so I’m no stranger to these types of configurations, but I still appreciate the ease of use of this solution. I was concerned about some of the negative comments in the Piper forums and other sites regarding the mobile app and support for other non-piper z-wave accessories. Fortunately, these reviews were from earlier in the year and it appears the iControl was able to work these issues out.

    After receiving the unit I followed the quick start guide and was able to connect it to my wifi network in a matter of minutes. I was initially surprised (and concerned) that this device can only be controlled with a mobile app, but after using it I do not find that to be a problem at all. The app is well designed and intuitive to use (I am using it on an Android smartphone). I spend most of my time in the dashboard, vitals and live camera view. The camera has a 180-degree field of view so it is possible to see A LOT of your monitored area with one camera (they currently support up to five Pipers connected together). You can zoom in and out and also split the live camera into four views and zoom on them independently creating the impression of having four video feeds. I would like to see a better quality camera with this unit (along with night vision), but for me this is still an improvement over my current security system for which I do not have any video capability (without a MASSIVE equipment investment and increased monitoring fees).

    I tested the motion sensor and promptly received an alert on my phone (based on the rules I configured). After doing this a few more times I wanted to move onto z-wave integration. I also purchased z-wave door sensors and a garage door tilt sensor made by Ecolink (also sold on Amazon). This are less expensive than the iControl options and there are a ton of other z-wave accessories out there. I followed the included instructions with the Ecolink door sensor and had a bit of trouble syncing it with the Piper at first. I read the instructions but still had to follow the “Errors when pairing Z-Wave accessories” on the getpiper knowledge base. You basically have to remove the z-wave device (even though it hasn’t been added?). This worked. With the other sensors I CAREFULLY read the instructions and had no issues. I believe the mistake I made was starting the inclusion mode on the sensor BEFORE the controller (Piper). It is very important that you first press “Add” and then “Start” in the Piper mobile app and wait for it to ask you to sync your device. On the Ecolinks you start the inclusion process by removing the battery for five seconds and then replacing it. I also had to physically touch/lean the sensors on the Piper during the inclusion process to get them to sync correctly. I named the devices and attached them to my doors and garage door using the double sided tape only at this point (we’ll see if it holds). Screws and mounting brackets are also included as well as white or brown covers. All sensors work reliably and I quickly receive alerts on my phone (based on my rules). Each device shows up on the dashboard with a visual as well as written indication on the current status of the door (open/closed).

    As mentioned, the mobile app is user friendly. For events, you can send an app alert(push), SMS, or email for most rules as well as alert a “trusted circle” (circle of trust 😉 of friends or family. The “Vitals” view is pretty interesting as it shows a rolling 48-hour graph of your outside temperature, inside temperature, brightness, humidity, motion and noise levels. You can send alerts for not only the additional z-wave sensors, but for things like loud noises…

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  3. 66 of 72 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Just buy it!, November 7, 2014
    Daniel Ruskoski (Tulsa,OK United States) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This is a great security camera package. It was not very expensive and performs great and I have NO MONTHLY payments! Why pay for a security company to wait 5-30+ minutes to call you when someone breaks in your home to see if you want them to call the police when you can be notified, see what is happening and start calling the police, your neighbors and start on your way home within 1 minute! I have personally seen security companies call the wrong police department, loose phone numbers, takes 4+ hours to notify police, etc.!

    I purchased 3 cameras for indoor use and after I used them I purchased 2 Z-Wave units to activate lights in my home so the cameras can “see” at night.

    This device has a 2-way voice, day cameras, motion detector and a battery backup. It all works great. I even had a power failure the first night I had the cameras and it still worked!

    I had trouble hooking up the Piper system but here is why. I use a cell phone for my hotspot at my home (a dedicated home cell phone. No wasted money on a land line, cable company etc.). I had to use my other cell phone on WiFi mode to hook the Piper’s up to my home phones hotspot. The customer service said it could not be done but I did it with 2 cell phones! So, now I leave my home cell phone in the house to run the Piper network and use my personal cell phone to access the Piper app while away. The cell phone also maintains the Piper network running even during power outages since it has a battery in it. No PC, phone line, DVR, worthless monitoring company etc. needed! It all works great.

    I have 3 people that get notified when the Piper senses motion or noise. The notice is fast too. Any 3 of us can access the system through our Piper app to change the settings or see what is going on.

    Now here are the cons. I rated it 5 stars for what it is and not what I wished it could be. I am sure other features will be added in the future.

    1) Sometimes it does take one or two tries to get the app to connect to the camera views on my Galaxy S4.
    2) No night camera. I purchased some compatible Z-Wave switches to fix this problem so I don’t have to leave lights on in my home.
    3) No outdoor cameras.
    4) Limit of only 5 devices.
    5) Software is easy to use but could have more features.
    6) Cameras need to have a higher resolution but they are fine for up close detail. (My old phone has 12 megapixels which is better than the Piper)

    Simply put, if piper just fixed those cons above this would be the ultimate home security system for EVERYONE period! I highly recommend the Piper if you only need the services it performs. I can’t wait til they add night and outdoor cameras!


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